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Man on the Outside

griffin ames producer series

(ABC, 6/29/1975, 120 mins). A retired police captain storms angrily out of retirement when his son is shot down before his eyes and his grandson is kidnapped by a syndicate killer in this pilot for Lorne Greene’s brief “Griff” series, which went off the air 18 months before this film was aired. Series dates: 9/23/73-1/4/74.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Boris Sagal. Executive Producer David Victor. Producer George Eckstein. Teleplay Larry Cohen. Photography Mario Tosi. Music Elliot Kaplan. Editor Bud Hoffman, Douglas Stewart. Art Director Arch Bacon. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast Lorne Greene (Wade Griffin), James Olson (Gerald Griffin), Lee H. Montgomery (Mark Griffin), Lorraine Gary (Nora Griffin), Brooke Bundy (Sandra Ames), Ken Swofford (Lieutenant Matthews), William Watson (Ames), Bruce Kirby Sr. (Scully), Charles Knox Robinson (Mr. Arnold), Garry Walberg (Benny), Jean Allison (Ellen), Ruth McDevitt (Stella Daniels), Scatman Crothers (Ruben Hammer), John Sylvester White (Lou), Robert Karnes (Sergeant), Drout Miller (Officer), Jay Jones (Young sergeant), Alan Fudge (Detective).

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