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The Man Who Wanted to Live Forever

john robert jack whitman

(ABC, 12/15/1970, 90 mins). A brilliant heart surgeon (Stuart Whitman) discovers that a private medical research foundation is being used as a cover for sinister purposes. The working title for this film was “Heartfarm” while in production in the Bugaboo Mountains of British Columbia. In its later theatrical release in Great Britain, its title became “The Only Way Out Is Dead!”

Production Company Palomar Pictures. Director John Trent. Executive Producers Edgar J. Scherick, Henry Denker. Producer Terry Dene. Teleplay Henry Denker. Photography Marc Champion. Music Dolores Claman. Editors M.C. Manne, Ron Wisman. Art Director Jack McAdam.

Cast Stuart Whitman (Dr. McCarter Purvis), Sandy Dennis (Dr. Enid Bingham), Burl Ives (T.M. Trask), Tom Harvey (McBride), Robert Goodier (Dr.Wilfrid Morton), Ron Hartmann (Dr. John Emmett), Jack Creley (Dr. George Simmons), Allen Doremus (Dr. Carl Bryant), Ken James (Clinton), Joseph Shaw (Dr. Franz Heinemann), Clem Harbourg (Pianist), Harvey Fisher, Robert Warner, James Forrest, Robert Mann, John S. Davies.

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