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The Man with the Power

allan producer nbc technician

(NBC, 5/24/1977, 120 mins). A pseudo science fiction series pilot about a man who has inherited unique powers from his father, enabling him to move objects, bend iron, and perform other amazing feats through eye concentration, and who here is given the task of guarding a beautiful Bengal heiress on her visit to America.

Production Companies Universal Television, NBC Productions. Director Nicholas Sgarro. Producer Allan Balter. Teleplay Allan Balter. Photography J. J. Jones. Music Patrick Williams. Editors Chuck McClelland, Jerrold L. Ludwig. Art Director George Renne. Associate Producer Rod Holcomb.

Cast Bob Neill (Eric Smith), Tim O’Connor (Agent Walter Bloom), Vic Morrow (Paul), Persis Khambatta (Princess Siri), Roger Perry (Farnsworth), René Assa (Major Sajid), Noel DeSouza (Halbadi Shanda), James Ingersoll (Driver), Bill Fletcher Page 142  (Dilling), Regis J. Cordic (Personage), John de Lancie (Clark), Sheldon Allman (Wilmot), Jason Wingreen (Klein), Jim Raymond (Federal man), Jonathan Segal (Communications technician), Judd Laurance (Telemetry technician).

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