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The Man Without a Country

lieutenant captain peter production

(ABC, 4/24/1973, 90 mins). This literary classic about the man who renounced his country and lived to regret it received a sparking production here with a tour deforce performance by Cliff Robertson, aging 60 years as Philip Nolan. Previously it had been filmed three times as a silent movie and once (in 1938) as a short for Vitaphone. This version was the first full-scale sound adaptation of Hale’s 1863 novel.

Production Company Rosemont Productions. Director Delbert Mann. Producer Norman Rosemont. Teleplay Sidney Carroll. Based on the Novel by Edward Everett Hale. Photography Andrew Laszlo. Music Allyn Ferguson, Jack Elliot. Editor Gene Milford. Production Designer Jan Scott.

Cast Cliff Robertson (Philip Nolan), Beau Bridges (Frederick Ingham), Peter Strauss (Arthur Danforth), Robert Ryan (Captain Vaughn), Walter Abel (Col. A.B. Morgan), Geoffrey Holder (Slave on ship), Sheppard Strudwick (Secretary of the Navy), John Cullum (Aaron Burr), Pat Elliott (Mrs. Graff), Laurence Guittard (Lieutenant Pritchard), Alexander Clark (Captain Minton), Guy Spaull (Captain Pendleton), Peter Coffield (Lieutenant Vinson), Addison Powell (Chief Justice Marshall), Geddeth Smith (Lieutenant Philips), Dick Sabol (Lieutenant Prentiss), Peter Weller (Lieutenant Fellows), Jimmy Williams (Lieutenant Benton), Vince Carroll (Captain Waters), William Myers (Dr. Stannard).

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