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Maneaters Are Loose!

pennington john finnegan tom

(CBS, 5/3/1978, 120 mins). Terror stalks a small California community when a broke and depressed animal owner and trainer is forced to abandon his tigers and let them fend for themselves in the nearby wilderness. Based on the book “Maneater” by Ted Willis.

Production Company Finnegan Associates. Director Timothy Galfas. Executive Producer Robert D. Wood. Producer Bill Finnegan. Teleplay Robert W. Lenski. Based on a Book by Ted Willis. Photography Hugh K. Gagnier. Music Gerald Fried. Editor Howard Smith. Art Director Joe Aubel. Associate Producers Joe Aubel, Patricia Finnegan.

Cast Tom Skerritt (John Gosford), Steve Forrest (David Birk), G.D. Spradlin (Gordon Hale), Harry Morgan (Toby Waites), Frank Marth (Jim Taggert), Joshua Bryant (Tom Purcell), Priscilla Morrill (Edith Waites), Jenifer Shaw (Penny Halpern), Diana Muldaur (May Purcell), Dabney Coleman (McCallum), Arthur Roberts (Sheriff Rondel), Tony Swartz (Deputy Parker), Susan Adams (Jill Gosford), Carol Jones (Maud Pennington), Anita Dangler (Mira Crane), Phil Brown (Kevin Pennington), Harry Northup (John Pennington), John Welsh (George Leppard), Kit McDonough (Lucy), Tom Mahoney (Claude Davin), Richard Caine (Peter Street), Kurt Andon (Deputy Miller), Pat Van Patten (Clarissa Pennington).

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