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The Manhunter

bocock miller wade david

(NBC, 4/2/1976, 120 mins). A big-game hunter is hired to track down a bank robbery suspect in the Louisiana swamp country and becomes involved with the wife of his quarry. Based on the novel by Wade Miller (actually the writing team of Robert Allison Bob Wade and H. Bill Miller). Filmed in 1968, this film first saw the light of day on British television in 1972 and finally was given a belated American premiere more than four years later.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Don Taylor. Producer Ron Roth. Teleplay Meyer Dolinsky. Based on the Novel by Wade Miller. Photography Benjamin H. Kline. Music Benny Carter. Editor Howard Epstein. Art Director Henry Larrecq.

Cast Sandra Dee (Mara Bocock), Roy Thinnes (David Farrow), Albert Salmi (Rafe Augustine), Sorrell Booke (Carl Auscher), David Brian (Walter Sinclair), Royal Dano (Pa Bocock), Madeleine Sherwood (Ma Bocock), William Smith (Clel Bocock), Madlyn Rhue (Teresa Taylor), Al Hirt (Himself), Pitt Herbert (Prof. Mike Mellick), Lew Brown (Police Sergeant), Richard Van Fleet (Stephen Sinclair), Eric Laneuville (Fronie), Joe Pepi (Mouse), Jeff Burton (Lester), Mel Berger (Market owner), William Fawcett (Lorimer), Foster Brooks (Gas station man), Sharon Johnson (Girl in bar).

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