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michael paul tony rocky

(ABC, 10/21/1979, 120 mins). A highly romanticized dramatization of the life of Rocky Marciano, the only heavyweight champion to have retired with a perfect record. Tony Lo Bianco was well cast as Rocky, but petite Belinda Montgomery was all wrong for his wife, Barbara (in the eyes of this TV-movie compiler, a fellow Brocktonian). The focus of the film was on the boxer’s private life, on which great liberties were taken by writer Paul Savage, rather than on his widely heralded career in the ring.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Bernard L. Kowalski. Producer John G. Stephens. Teleplay Paul Savage. Photography Michael Joyce. Music Ernest Gold. Editor Gloryette Clark. Production Designer Tracy Bousman.

Cast Tony Lo Bianco (Rocky Marciano), Belinda Montgomery (Barbara Marciano), Michael O’Hare (Allie Columbo), Richard Herd (John Furst), Vincent Gardenia (Al Weill), Frank Ronzio (Pierino), Dolph Sweet (Si Menchlemann), Michael Pataki (Squeek Squalis), Simmy Bow (Charlie Goldman), Vanna Salviati (Rocky’s mother), Meio Alexandria (Jersey Joe Walcott), Susan Plumb (Peggy West), Booth Colman (Doctor), Don Dunphy (Himself), Peter Marciano (Corner man), Natasha Ryan (Mary Ann Marciano), Paul Picerni (John Addelli), Philip Sousa (Izzy), Barbara Baldwin (Nurse), Richard Carlyle (Businessman), Tony Davies (Desk clerk).

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