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Marcus Welby, MD

david sheila series producer

(ABC, 3/26/1969, 120 mins). The pilot film for the long-run (1969-76) series introduced the kindly small-town general practitioner who, following a mild coronary, grudgingly brings in an independent, motorcycling young associate to help share his workload. Welby’s lady friend and his family, part of the plot of this movie, were written out of the subsequent series, with only his medical sidekick, Steven Kiley, and their secretary/nurse, Consuelo (later played by Elena Verdugo), remaining as regulars. Subsequently titled “A Matter of Humanities.”

Production Company Universal Television. Director David Lowell Rich. Executive Producer David Victor. Producer David J. O’Connell. Teleplay Don M. Mankiewicz. Based on a story by David Victor. Photography Russell Metty. Music Leonard Rosenman. Editor Gene Palmer. Art Director George Patrick.

Cast Robert Young (Marcus Welby), James Brolin (Steven Kiley), Anne Baxter (Myra Sherwood), Susan Strasberg (Tina Sawyer), Lew Ayres (Dr. Andrew Swanson), Tom Bosley (Tiny Baker), Peter Deuel (Lew Sawyer), Sheila Larken (Sandy Welby), Mercer Harris (Ray Wells), Penny Santon (Consuelo Guadalupe-Lopez), Richard Loo (Kenji Yamashita), Larry Linville, Ben Wright, Ron Stokes, Allison McKay, Craig Littler, Sheila Rogers, Fran Ryan.

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