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The Marcus-Nelson Murders

mann humes det hopper

(CBS, 3/8/1973, 180 mins). The acclaimed TV adaptation of Selwyn Rabb’s 1967 book based on the Wylie-Hoffert murders in Manhattan in 1963, resulting in the case that ultimately led to the Supreme Court’s Miranda decision three years later. Both director Joseph Sargent and writer Abby Mann won Emmy Awards, and Telly Savalas received a nomination for his role which skyrocketed him to stardom in the subsequent hit series (1973-78), playing in this film a hard-boiled detective who fights to keep a black teenager from being wrongly convicted of the killings of two women. After its initial showing, it was reedited to 2-1/2 hours and retitled “Kojak and the Marcus-Nelson Murders.”

Production Company Universal Television. Director Joseph Sargent. Executive Producer Abby Mann. Producer Matthew Rapf. Teleplay Abby Mann. Based on a Book by Selwyn Rabb. Photography Mario Tosi. Music Billy Goldenberg. Song “I Can’t Walk” by Billy Goldenberg, Bobby Russell. Song Performed by Andy Kim. Editors Carl Pingitore, Richard M. Sprague. Art Director John J. Lloyd.

Cast Telly Savalas (Theo Kojak), Marjoe Gortner (Teddy Hopper), José Ferrer (Jake Weinhaus), Ned Beatty (Det. Dan Corrigan), Allen Garfield (Mario Portello), Gene Woodbury (Lewis Humes), William Watson (Det. Matt Black), Val Bisoglio (Det. Lou Jacarrino), Lorraine Gary (Ruthie), Roger Robinson (Bobby Martin), Harriet Karr (Ginny), Chita Rivera (Josie Hopper), Lloyd Gough (Inspector MacNeil), Antonia Rey (Rita Alvarez), Bruce Kirby Sr. (Sgt. Dan McCartney), Robert Walden (Mr. Fisher), Lynn Hamilton (Arless Humes), Lawrence Pressman (Cabot), John Sylvester White (Inspector Hoffstaffer), Carolyn Nelson (Melissa Karr), Paul Jenkins (Al Stabile), Helen Page Camp (Mrs. Hopper), Ellen Moss (Lynn Peyser), George Savalas (Jack Deems), Alan   Manson (Sergeant Roberts), Fred Holliday (Sergeant Tofp), Henry Brown (Abe Humes), Joshua Shelley (Mr. Sack), Patricia O’Connell (Marge Corrigan), Alex Colon (Roberto), Ben Hammer (Judge DeKann), Tol Avery (Justica Redding), Bill Zuckert (Judge Matthews), Elizabeth Berger (Jo-Ann Marcus), Lora Kaye (Kathy Nelson), Steven Gravers (Irwin David).

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