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Mary White

william allen production ledner

(ABC, 11/18/1977, 120 mins). A sensitive story of a young girl and her moving relationship with her famed father, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist William Allen White, and the profound change in his life following her tragic death at 16 in a horseback riding accident in 1921. Caryl Ledner received an Emmy Award for the adaptation of White’s book.

Production Company Radnitz/Mattel Productions. Director Jud Taylor. Producer Robert B. Radnitz. Teleplay Caryl Ledner. Based on the writings of William Allen White. Photography Bill Butler. Music Leonard Rosenman. Editor Fred A. Chulack. Production Designer Ward Preston. Associate Producer Terry Nelson.

Cast Ed Flanders (William Allen White), Fionnuala Flanagan (Sallie White), Tim Matheson (William L. White), Donald Moffat (Sir James M. Barrie), Diana Douglas (Jane Addams), Kathleen Beller (Mary White), Howard McGillin (Richard Sloan III), Kaki Hunter (Selina), William Kuhlke (John Rice), Henry Strozier (Mr. Andrews), Valerie Cotton (Ellie Rogers), Paul Frederickson (Tom), Jack Meyer (Tod), Barry McGuire (Mr. Bonner), Peggy Lang (Mrs. Peabody), Mildred Meier (Mrs. Pettigrew), Bill Rowley (Kleagle), Art Ellison (Old man), Kathleen Arc (Martha), Pat Kelly (Ben).

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