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Matt Helm

franciosa stephens anthony laraine

(ABC, 5/7/1975, 90 mins). Intrepid secret agent-turned-private eye Matt Helm finds himself involved with an international black market operation in heavy munitions when he tries to protect a beautiful movie star whose life is endangered. The pilot, with Anthony Franciosa taking up where Dean Martin left off after four Helm movies, spawned the brief series (Sept. 1975 – Jan. 1976) starring Franciosa, Laraine Stephens, Gene Evans and Jeff Donnell.

Production Companies Irwin Allen Productions, Meadway Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Buzz Kulik. Executive Producer Irving Allen. Producer Buzz Kulik. Teleplay Sam H. Rolfe. Based on the Novel by Donald Hamilton. Photography Charles F. Wheeler. Music Jerry Fielding. Editor Les Green. Art Directors John Beckman, Ross Bellah.

Cast Anthony Franciosa (Matt Helm), Ann Turkel (Maggie Gantry), Laraine Stephens (Claire Kronski), Patrick Macnee (Shawcross), John Vernon (Harry Paine), Val Bisoglio (Sergeant James), Gene Evans (Sergeant Hanrahan), Michael C. Gwynne (Charlie Danberry), Hari Rhodes (Seki), James Shigeta (Thomas McCauley III), Catherine Bach (Alice), Richard Butler (Drone), Frank Campanella (Taylor), Paul Picerni (Champion), Joan Shawlee (Saleslady).

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