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A Matter of Wife...and Death

robert weitman baker richard

(NBC, 4/10/1975, 90 mins). A free-wheeling private eye attempts to track down the killers of a small-time hood and finds himself neck-deep in a big-time gambling operation. This pilot to a prospective series called “Shamus” was an attempt to duplicate the success of the theatrical feature that was a big hit for Burt Reynolds.

Production Companies Robert M Weitman Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Marvin J Chomsky. Producer Robert M. Weitman. Teleplay Don Ingalls. Photography Emmett Bergholz. Music Richard Shores. Editor David Wages. Art Director Robert Peterson.

Cast Rod Taylor (Shamus), Joe Santos (Lt. Vince Promuto), Eddie Firestone (Blinky), Luke Askew (Snell), John Colicos (Joe Ruby), Tom Drake (Paulie Baker), Anita Gillette (Helen Baker), Charles Picerni (Bruno), Anne Archer (Carol), Larry Block (Springy), Dick Butkus (Heavy), Marc Alaimo (Angie), Cesare Danova (Dottore), Lynda Carter (Zelda), Gene Lebell, Richard Butler, Gary Cashdollar, Leonard D’John, Walter Wanderman, Lloyd McLinn, Stephanie Faulkner, Bobby Baum, Tony Ballen, Abraham Alvarez, Don Ray Hall.

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