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Mayday at 40,000 Feet!

reporter austin fenady william

(CBS, 11/12/1976, 120 mins). In this would-be disaster flick, an airliner has been disabled and the lives of its terrified passengers depend on the untried skills of its copilot after the pilot is seriously wounded by a killer who had boarded during a stopover. Based on the 1974 novel “Jet Stream” by Austin Ferguson.

Production Companies A.J. Fenady Associates, Warner Bros. Television. Director Robert Butler. Producer Andrew J. Fenady. Teleplay Andrew J Fenady, Austin Ferguson, Dick Nelson. Based on a Novel by Austin Ferguson. Photography William K. Jurgensen. Music Richard Markowitz. Editor Nick Archer. Art Director Robert Kinoshita.

Cast David Janssen (Capt. Pete Douglas), Don Meredith (Mike Fuller), Christopher George (Stan Burkhart), Ray Milland (Dr. Joseph Manheim), Lynda Day George (Cathy Armello), Margaret Blye (Susan MacKenzie), Marjoe Gortner (Greco), Broderick Crawford (Marshal Riese), Tom Drake (Harry Jensen), Christopher Norris (Cindy Jensen), Hari Rhodes (Belson), Warren Vanders (Glen Meyer), Shani Wallace (Terry Dunlap), Jane Powell (Kitty Douglas), William Bryant (Kent), John Pickard (Wynberg), Steve Marlo (Controller), James Chandler (Doctor), Philip Mansour (Surgeon), Al Molinaro (Forenzo), Kathleen Bracken (Julia), Bill Catching (Dowling), Norland Benson (Jerry), Philip Baker Hall (Reporter), Bert Williams (Lars), Buck Young (Guard), William Harlow (2nd reporter), Alan Foster (3rd reporter), Gary McLarty (Carmichael).

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