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Mayflower: The Pilgrim's Adventure

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(CBS, 11/21/1979, 120 mins). A recounting of the ordeals and conflicts faced by the Mayflower’s crew and passengers, with Anthony Hopkins and Richard Crenna representing the opposing outlooks. Originally titled “The Voyage of the Mayflower,” it covers much of the same ground as the 1952 theatrical movie “Plymouth Adventure,” which starred Spencer Tracy and Van Johnson.

Production Company Syzygy Productions. Director George Schaefer. Executive Producer Linda Yellen. Producer Linda Yellen. Teleplay James Lee Barrett. Photography Arthur J. Ornitz. Music Brad Fiedel. Editor Eric Albertson. Art Director Ben Edwards. Associate Producer Louise Ramsay.

Cast Anthony Hopkins (Capt. Christopher Jones), Richard Crenna (William Brewster), Jenny Agutter (Priscilla Mullens), Michael Beck (John Alden), David Dukes (Miles Standish), Trish Van Devere (Rose Standish), John Heffernan (Christopher Martin), Paul Sparer (Sheriff), Frank Hamilton (William Mullens), W.B. Brydon (Robert Cushman), William Converse-Roberts (Stephen Hopkins), Nicolas Surovy (George Bennett), Guy Sorel (Captain Reynolds), Karen Sunde (Mary Brewster), George Taylor (Dr. Giles Heale), Martha Sinnard Wright (Marie Martin), Tim Barrett (Regis), David Davis (Benjamin White), Jim Magee (Dunston), Scott Roark (Master Joseph Mullens), Michael Loggins.

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