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McCloud: Who Killed Miss U.S.A.?

reporter 2nd series whitmore

NBC, 2/17/1970, 120 mins). Recycled from Don Siegel’s Clint Eastwood film, “Coogan’s Bluff” (1969), this pilot movie for the long run “McCloud” series (1971-76) brings a modern day Western marshal to New York with a subpoenaed witness, only to have him kidnapped and then finding himself dragged into a murder case involving Puerto Rican militants, a lady novelist, a Wall Street lawyer and a dead beauty queen. Dennis Weaver was joined in the series by Terry Carter and (occasionally) Diana Muldaur, while Mark Richman’s role of police commissioner was taken over by J.D. Cannon. Subsequently titled “Portrait of a Dead Girl.”

Production Company Universal Television. Director Richard Colla. Producer Leslie Stevens. Teleplay Richard Levinson, William Link, Stanford Whitmore. Based on a Story by Stanford Whitmore. Photography Ben Colman. Music David Shire. Editor Bob Kagey, Robert L. Kimble. Art Director Henry Bumstead. Associate Producer John Strong.

Cast Dennis Weaver (Marshal Sam McCloud), Craig Stevens (Whitman), Mark Richman (Peter B. Clifford), Diana Muldaur (Chris Coughlin), Terry Carter (Sgt. Joe Broadhurst), Mario Alcalde (Peralta), Raul Julia (Father Nieves), Shelly Novack (James Waldron), Julie Newmar (Adrienne Redman), Michael Bow (Billy), Nefti Millet (Ramos), Kathy Stritch (Merri Ann Coleman), Albert Popwell (Guard), Ira Cook (2nd reporter), Gregory Sierra (1st deputy), Tony Dante (2nd deputy), Victor Bozeman (Black reporter), Bill Baldwin (1st reporter), Ron Henriquez (Vejar), Lee Pulford (Receptionist), Roberto Vargas (Chico).

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