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McNaughton's Daughter

david director charles john

(NBC, 3/4/1976, 120 mins). A series pilot about a lady deputy district attorney (Susan Clark), here assigned the task of trying to pin a murder rap on a “saint,” a beloved religious crusader accused of killing her young lover. The series, in fact, never materialized.

Production Companies Groverton Productions, Universal Television. Director Jerry London. Executive Producer David Victor. Producer David J. O’Connell. Teleplay Ken Trevey. Based on a Story by David Victor, Ken Trevey. Photography Sy Hoffberg. Music David Shire. Editors John Elias, Robert Watts. Art Director Howard E. Johnson.

Cast Susan Clark (Laurel McNaughton), Ricardo Montalban (DA Charles Quintero), James Callahan (Lew Farragut), John Elerick (Ed Hughes), Louise Latham (Cassy Garnett), Vera Miles (Grace Coventry), Ralph Bellamy (Moses Bellman), Mike Farrell (Colin Pierce), Ramon Bieri (Randall Jardine), Tina Andrews (April), Roger Aaron Brown (Zareb Parker), Ivor Francis (Judge), Jeff Donnell (Mrs. Wilson), Raul Arroyo (Carlos Ruiz), Cliff Emmich (Roy Strickling), Joey Aresco (Jerry Loftus), Quinn Redeker (Dirk Vanderbeck), Martin Speer (Director), June Whitley Taylor (Judge Lerner), Rod Gist (Officer Shanks), Ivan Bonar (Dr. Whitelaw), Dale Ishimoto (Mr. Nagato), Jack Bender (Gary Richardson), KelIy Lange (Herself), Charles Waggenheim, Ed Arnold, Ben Frommer, Phil Diskin, Louise Fitch, Ted Chapman, Joe LaDue, Dave Morick.

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