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Medical Story

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(NBC, 9/4/1975, 120 mins). Paralleling the successful format of its sister show “Police Story,” this pilot for the short-lived anthology series pits an idealistic intern against three established doctors over the question of whether a young actress should have a hysterectomy. Executive producer/writer Abby Mann was said to have based this story on the near-fatal experience of his wife, Harriet Karr, who plays the ailing actress.

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Gary Nelson. Executive Producer Abby Mann. Producer Christopher Morgan. Teleplay Abby Mann. Photography Jules Brenner. Music Arthur Morton. Theme song by Jerry Goldsmith. Editor Richard M. Sprague. Art Directors Ross Bellah, Zoltan Muller.

Cast Beau Bridges (Dr. Steve Drucker), Claude Akins (Dr. Matthews), Wendell Burton (Joe Bick), Sydney Chaplin (Dr. Maxwell), José Ferrer (Dr. William Knowland), Harold Gould (Dr. Federici), Harriet Karr (Fritzi Donnelly), Shirley Knight (Phyllis Lenahan), Carl Reiner (Dr. Reiber), Ford Rainey (Dr. Patterson), Madlyn Rhue (Mrs. Drayden), Martha Scott (Miss McDonald), Theodore Wilson (Hadley), Shelly Novack (Jerry), Lillian Bronson (Mrs. Henderson), Marilyn Nix (Nurse Simpson), Ryan MacDonald (General surgeon), Sam Gilman (Dr. Maxwell), Jack Stauffer (Mike), Stuart Nisbet (Dr. McKenzie), Lilyan Chauvin (Mrs. Goodman), Sari Price (Mrs. Baer), Gene Woodbury (Burn victim), Sarita Vara (Nurse Rodriguez), Stephen Coit (Priest), Karen Anders (Lady), Ivan Bonar (Dr. Oorham), Vernon Weddle (Dr. Ellis), Diana Canova (Daughter-in-law).

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