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Melvin Purvis: G-Man

john kelly dan curtis

(ABC, 4/9/1974, 90 mins). A breezy, fictional account of the dogged pursuit by cigar-chomping lawman Purvis of notorious public enemy Machine Gun Kelly throughout the Midwest in 1933. Writers John Milius and William F. Nolan draw Purvis as pure bravado swathed in a flamboyant fur-collared overcoat, and Kelly’s gang as a collection of inept buffoons. Syndication title: “The Legend of Machine Gun Kelly.”

Production Company Dan Curtis Productions. Director Dan Curtis. Executive Producer Paul R. Picard. Producer Dan Curtis. Teleplay John Milius, William F. Nolan. Based on a Story by John Milius. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Bob Cobert. Editors Corky Ehlers, Richard A. Harris. Art Director Trevor Williams.

Cast Dale Robertson (Melvin Purvis), Harris Yulin (George “Machine Gun” Kelly), Margaret Blye (Katherine Ryan Kelly), Matt Clark (Charles Parimetter), Elliot Street (Thomas “Buckwheat” Longmaker), John Karlen (Tony Redecci), David Canary (Eugene Farber), Steve Kanaly (Sam Cowley), Woodrow Parfrey (Nash Covington), Dick Sargent (Thatcher Covington), Jim Hill (Jim Langaker), Don McGowan (Hamburger stand man), Max Kleven (Purvis’ driver), Eddie Quillan (Hotel clerk), Hank Rolike (Shoeshine man), Bob Pinson (Buckwheat’s pa), Bill Madden (Gas station boy), Darrell Fetty (Drunk).

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