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The Million Dollar Rip-Off

charles director devane john

(NBC, 9/22/1976, 90 mins). Freddie Prinze, in his only dramatic film role, is an excon electronics whiz who, with the aid of four female accomplices, steals a bundle from the Chicago Transit Authority, much to the annoyance of a dyspeptic detective who has been keeping an eye on him since he left prison. The original story, interestingly, was written by two of the more prolific TV actors of the era (William Devane and John Pleshette), presumably as a vehicle for one or both of them.

Production Companies Charles Fries Productions, NBC Productions. Director Alexander Singer. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer Edward J. Montagne. Teleplay Andrew Peter Marin. Based on the Screenplay by John Pleshette, William Devane. Photography Jules Brenner. Music Vic Mizzy. Editor Sam E. Waxman. Art Director Robert MacKichan.

Cast Freddie Prinze (Muff Kovak), Allen Garfield (Lt. Ralph Fogherty), Christina Belford (Lil), Linda Scruggs Bogart (Helene), Joanna DeVarona (Jessie), Brooke Mills (Kitty), James Sloyan (Lubeck), Bob Hastings (Sgt. Frank Jarrett), Gary Vinson (Hennessy), Robert P. Lieb (Brown), Colin Hamilton (Funeral director), David Goldring, Al Checco, Sammy Shore, Charles Bracy, Michael O’Dwyer.

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