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The Millionaire

michael mathews fedderson paul

(CBS, 12/19/1978, 120 mins). Three people’s lives are drastically changed when they are suddenly given one million dollars each by an eccentric billionaire in this pilot to a prospective new series which the producers hoped would equal the success of the original one that ran from 1955 to 1960 with Robert Quarry in the role of Michael Anthony (then played by Marvin Miller), executive secretary to the mysterious John Beresford Tipton, and deliverer of those weekly tax-free million dollar cashier’s checks.

Production Company Don Fedderson Productions. Director Don Weis. Producer Don Fedderson. Teleplay John McGreevey. Created by Don Fedderson. Photography Michael Joyce. Music Frank DeVol. Editor Harry Keller. Art Director David Scott.

Cast Martin Balsam (Arthur Haines), Edward Albert (Paul Mathews), Bill Hudson (Eddie Reardon), Mark Hudson (Mike Reardon), Brett Hudson (Harold Reardon), Pat Crowley (Maggie Haines), Pamela Toll (Kate Mathews), Allan Rich (George Jelks), John Ireland (Marshall Wayburn), Ralph Bellamy (George Mathews), Jane Wyatt (Mrs. Mathews), William Demarest (Oscar Pugh), Robert Quarry (Michael Anthony), Talia Balsam (Doreen), Michael Minor (Clark), Milt Kogan (Parker), Sally Kemp (Judge), Patricia Hindy (Dorothy), P.R. Paul (Allan), Domingo Abriz (Jose), Paul Jackson (Ike), Edith Diaz (Linda), Penelope Jackson (June), Ann Greer (Cory), Patrick Driscoll (Brett), Buck Young (Garageman).

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