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Mind Over Murder

paul anderson robert woman

(CBS, 10/23/1979, 120 mins). A young woman with precognition realizes she is being stalked by a killer a mass murderer she previously had used her psychic powers to identify to the skeptical police. Originally, this was titled “Are You Alone Tonight?” and Wendy Kaufman was credited as cowriter.

Production Company Paramount Network Television. Director Ivan Nagy. Producer Jay Benson. Teleplay Robert Carrington. Photography Dennis Dalzell. Music Paul Chihara. Editor Gerald J. Wilson. Art Director Sidney Z. Litwack.

Cast Deborah Raffin (Suzy), David Ackroyd (Ben), Bruce Davison (Jason), Andrew Prine (The Bald Man), Christopher Cary (John Povey), Robert Englund (Ted), Penelope Willis (Pierce), Wayne Heffley (Lieutenant Wales), Carl Anderson. (Baker), Jan Burrell (Mrs. Witherspoon), Paul Reid Roman (Arnold), Paul Lukather (Captain Moran), Lanny Duncan (Cab driver), Rex Riley (Anderson), Jack Griffin (Cameraman), Clint Young (Mr. Glazier), Don Ray Hall (Reporter), Michael Horsley (Rookie), Linda Ryan (Young woman), Amy Allen Karr (Receptionist), Craig Baxley Jr. (Bobby), Natalija Nogulich, Lenny Geer, Richard Winterstein.

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