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Mirror, Mirror

mclaren lee chris joanna

NBC, 10/10/1979, 120 mins). A wealthy widow (Janet Leigh), a restless housewife (Loretta Swit), and a former model (Lee Meriwether) seek to reshape themselves through cosmetic surgery to please the men in their lives.

Production Company Christiana Productions. Director Joanna Lee. Executive Producer Joanna Lee. Producer Jerry Adler. Teleplay Charles Dennis, Leah Appet. Photography Ben Colman. Music Jimmie Haskell. Song “Shadows in the Sand” by Joanna Lee, Jimmie Haskell. Song performed by Ruth Olay. Editor Carroll Sax. Art Director Serge Krizman.

Cast Janet Leigh (Millie Gorman), Lee Meriwether (Vanessa Wagner), Loretta Swit (Sandy McLaren), Robert Vaughn (Michael Jacoby), Peter Bonerz (Andrew McLaren), Robin Mattson (Pamela Gorman), Walter Brooke (Dr. Samuel Shaw), McKee Anderson (Annie), Elizabeth Robinson (Paula Johnson), Chris Lemmon (Jonathan Shelton), Shelley Smith (Nola McGuire), Michael Hughes (Dr. Richards), Angus Duncan (Bud Stone), Ken Medlock (Ken (Coach)), Chris Chiapa (Chris McLaren), José DeVega (Armando (Chauffeur)), Jennie Webb (Wendy Baxter), Regis Philbin (TV host), Ernestine Barrier (Lillian Appleby), Harold P. Pruett (Joey McLaren), Scott Howard Pincus (Sam McLaren), Amanda Davies (Booking coordinator), Monika Lewis, Sandy Martin, Kathleen Hughes, Jeff Bannister, Connie Tracy, Shepherd Sanders, Eric Poppick, Barbara Garrison.

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