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The Missiles of October

robert john gen david

(ABC, 12/18/1974, 180 mins). Three-hour taped (rather than filmed) docudrama dealing with the Kennedy administration’s actions during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. The production was Emmy nominated, as were director Anthony Page, writer Stanley Greenberg, and actors William Devane and Ralph Bellamy. Based in part on Robert F. Kennedy’s book “Thirteen Days.”

Production Companies Herbert Brodkin-Robert Berger Productions, Viacom Productions. Director Anthony Page. Executive Producer Irv Wilson. Producers Herbert Brodkin, Robert ‘Buzz’ Berger. Teleplay Stanley R. Greenberg. Based on a Book by Robert F. Kennedy. Music Laurence Rosenthal. Production Designer Brian Eatwell.

Cast William Devane (Pres. John F. Kennedy), Martin Sheen (Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy), Ralph Bellamy (Adlai Stevens), Howard Da Silva (Nikita Khruschchev), James Hong (UN Secretary General U Thant), James Callahan (David Powers), Keene Curtis (John McCone), Charles Cyphers (Press photographer), Clifford David (Theodore Sorensen), John Dehner (Dean Acheson), Francis DeSales (Senator), Peter Donat (British Amb David Ormsby-Gore), Andrew Duggan (Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor), Richard Eastham (Gen. David M. Shoup), Dana Elcar (Robert McNamara), Eugene Elman (Russian Presidium member), Ron Feinberg (Gen. Charles De Gaulle), Michael Fox (Soviet marshal), Allan Franz (Cong. Charles A. Halleck), Larry Gates (Dean Rusk), Jerome Guardino (Reporter), Ted Hartley (American general), Bern Hoffman (Russian Presidium member), Richard Karlan (Chief of the Presidium), Stacy Keach Sr. (W.E. Knox), Wright King (Sen. Richard Russell), Will Kuluva (Valerian Zorin), Paul Lambert (John Scali), Doreen Lang (Mrs. Evelyn Lincoln), Michael Lerner (Pierre Salinger), Robert P. Lieb (Gen. Curtis LeMay), John McMurtry (Yefgani Yevtushenko), Byron Morrow (Sen. William Fullbright), Stewart Moss (Kenneth O’Donnell), Stuart Nisbet (Reporter), Buddy Ochoa (TV assistant), James Olson (McGeorge Bundy), Dennis Patrick (Llewellyn Thompson), Albert Paulsen (Amb. Anatoly Dobrynin), Nehemiah Persoff (Andrei Gromyko), William Prince (C. Douglas Dillon), John Randolph (George Ball), Kenneth Tobey (Adm. George W Anderson Jr.), Serge Tschernisch (Soviet stenographer), Jay Varela (Cuban delegate), George Wyner (Civilian aide), Harris Yulin (Alexandr Fomin), Thayer David (Narrator).

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