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Money to Burn

finnegan robert attendant director

(ABC, 10/27/1973, 90 mins). Lighthearted caper tale about an ingenious convict who manages to counterfeit one million dollars in the prison print shop and, with the aid of his wife, executes a complex scheme to swap the phony bills for real ones in the U.S. Treasury.

Production Companies Silverton Productions, Universal Television. Director Robert Michael Lewis. Producer Harve Bennett. Teleplay Elroy Schwartz. Photography Enzo A. Martinelli. Music Oliver Nelson. Editor Les Green. Art Director John E. Chilberg II.

Cast E.G. Marshall (Jed Finnegan), Mildred Natwick (Emily Finnegan), Alejandro Rey (Caesar Rodriguez), Cleavon Little (Calvin Baker), David Doyle (Warden Caulfield), Charles McGraw (Neil Davis), Ron Feinberg (Big Maury Kowalski), Lou Frizzell (Guard sergeant), Robert Karnes (Team leader), Lew Brown (Guard), Paul Sorensen (Parking lot attendant), Mel Allen (Attendant), Peggy Walton (Miss Turner), Morris Buchanan (Frank).

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