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The Monk

edwards blake george director

(ABC, 10/21/1969, 90 mins). This unsuccessful private eye series pilot was developed by Blake Edwards, trying to recapture the glory of his earlier “Peter Gunn” and “Mr. Lucky.” A gumshoe named Monk is somewhat embarrassed after finding himself the prime suspect in the murder of an underworld attorney who had hired him to guard a valuable envelope containing incriminating evidence on a syndicate bigwig.

Production Company Thomas-Spelling Productions. Director George McCowan. Executive Producers Aaron Spelling, Danny Thomas. Producer Tony Barrett. Teleplay Blake Edwards, Tony Barrett. Based on a Story by Blake Edwards, Tony Barrett. Based on Characters Created by Blake Edwards. Photography Fleet Southcott. Music Earle Hagen. Supervising Editor Jerry Jameson. Editor Bob Lewis. Art Director Tracy Bousman. Associate Producer Shelley Hull. Production Executive Ronald Jacobs.

Cast George Maharis (Gus Monk), Janet Leigh (Janice Barnes), Rick Jason (Wideman), Carl Betz (Danny Gouzenko), Jack Albertson (Tinker), Raymond St. Jacques (Lt. Ed Heritage), William Smithers (Leo Barnes), Jack Soo (Hip Guy), Linda Marsh (Lisa Daniels), Edward G. Robinson Jr. (Trapp), Mary Wickes (Mrs. Medford), Jo Besser (Herbie), George Burrafato (Stranger), Walter Reed (Director), George Saurel (Sergeant Mawson), John Hancock (Charlie), Bob Nash (Doorman).

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