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The Morning After

lester richard weiner dyke

(ABC, 2/13/1974, 90 mins). Dick Van Dyke made his TV dramatic debut (Emmy nominated) in this drama about a successful public relations writer whose refusal to admit that he is an alcoholic causes him to lose his self-respect, his career, his family, and almost his life. Based on the 1973 novel by Jack B. Weiner.

Production Company Wolper Productions. Director Richard T Heffron. Executive Producer Lawrence Turman. Producer Stan Margulies. Teleplay Richard Matheson. Based on the Novel by Jack B. Weiner. Photography Michel Hugo. Music Mike Post, Pete Carpenter. Song “Yesterday” by John Lennon, Paul McCartney. Song performed by Joey Scarbury. Editor David Newhouse. Art Director Ben Kasazkow.

Cast Dick Van Dyke (Charlie Lester), Lynn Carlin (Fran Lester), Don Porter (Rudy King), Robert Hover (Frank Lester), Jewel Blanch (Karen Lester), Carolyn Ames (Carol Lester), Richard Derr (Dr. Tillman), Joshua Bryant (Dr. Emmett), Linda Lavin (Toni), Dermott Downs (Danny Lester), Joyce Easton (Rita), Sandy Ward (Telly), Jim Raymond (Jim Doherty), Penny Kunard (Kathy Doherty), Doug Johnson (Stewart), Sam Gilman (Fisherman).

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