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More Than Friends

reiner rob director mishkin

(ABC, 10/20/1978, 120 mins). A romantic comedy, loosely based on the early courtship of Rob Reiner and his wife, Penny Marshall. It’s about a young couple who can’t make up their minds whether they just want to be bosom buddies or uncommitted lovers, and their embattled relationship between 1958 and 1971 when her show business aspirations take her to Hollywood and his struggles to be a novelist keep him in the Bronx.

Production Companies Reiner Mishkin Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Jim Burrows. Executive Producers Phil Mishkin, Rob Reiner. Producer Norman S. Powell. Teleplay Phil Mishkin, Rob Reiner. Photography Jack Swain. Photography (New York sequences) Sol Negrin. Music Fred Karlin. Editor Lee Burch. Art Directors Don Roberts, Ross Bellah.

Cast Penny Marshall (Maddy Pearlman), Rob Reiner (Alan Corkus), Kay Medford (Gertie), Phillip R. Allen (William Kane), Dabney Coleman (Josh Harrington), Fawne Harriman (Beverly), Howard Hesseman (Avery Salminella), Michael McKean (Terry Christopher), Claudette Nevins (Frances Harrington), Joe Pantoliano (Ralphie), Army Archerd (Himself), Carl Gottlieb (Director), Cindy Fisher (Wind), Marianne Bunch (Monastery girl), Pamela Hayden (Sky), Kip King (Lily Pad pal), Richard Crystal (Assistant director), Linda Gillin (Hippie-in-Training), Paul Micale (Dominic), Frank Martone (Slanski), Alexander Petale (Cocciatti), William L. Sumper (Monk waiter), Mike Preminger (Customer), Michael Brown (Anthony), Thomas Chu (Waiter).

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