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Moses the Lawgiver

lancaster anthony debosio paul

(CBS, 6/21/1975 to 8/2/1975, 6 Parts, 60 mins each, 6 hours). This biblical spectacular, which ran in hour-long segments over a six-week period and then turned up theatrically in a severely edited version not long after its initial TV showing, marked Burt Lancaster’s TV acting debut, as well as that of his son, William (as Young Moses), best known as the writer of the hit movie “The Bad News Bears.” A multinational cast, working in Israel and the Negev, found itself trapped during the 1973 Arab-Israeli War while filming this leisurely paced but very expensive production.

Production Companies ATV Ltd., ITC Entertainment Group, RAI. Director Gianfranco DeBosio. Producer Vincenzo Labella. Teleplay Anthony Burgess, Bernardo Zapponi, Gianfranco DeBosio, Vittorio Bonicelli. Photography Marcello Gatti. Music Ennio Morricone. Songs by Dov Seltzer. Editor Alberto Galletti. Art Director Pier Luigi Basile.

Cast Burt Lancaster (Moses), Anthony Quayle (Aaron), Ingrid Thulin (Miriam), Irene Papas (Zipporah), William Lancaster (Young Moses), Mariangela Melato (Egyptian Princess), Laurent Terzieff (Mernephta [Pharaoh]), Simonetta Stefanelli (Cotbi), Aharon Ipale (Joshua), Melba Englander (Mernephta’s wife), Mario Ferrari (Ramses II), Antonio Piovanelli (Koreb), Marina Berti (Eliseba), Yosef Shiloa (Dathan), Shmuel Rodensky (Jethro), Paul Muller, José Quaglio, John Francis Lane, Paul Verani, Jacques Herlin, Giancarlo Badese, Cosimo Cinieri, Renato Chiantoni, Didi Lukof, Enzo Fieramonte, Andrea Aureli, Percy Hogan, Fausto Dibella, Galia Kohn, Umberto Raho, Dina Doronne, Marco Steiner, Yossi Warjansky, Almos Tapshir, Balm Bashi, Chaim Banai, Michele Placido.

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about 7 years ago

Thank you for the article. Is there an extended version including any interviews with Burt Lancaster and his views of this playing the role of Moses compared to Charlton Heston's portrayal for example.
If you have any sound bites or printed excerpts of an interview related to this film I'd be grateful if you would inform or direct me to a website where I can read it.
Please contact me by email.

Kind Regards,