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john director douglas anderson

(ABC, 3/9/1974, 90 mins). Cast somewhat against type in his first made for TV movie, Kirk Douglas is a milquetoast biology teacher in Nova Scotia who learns during divorce proceedings that he is not the father of his wife’s son and stops at nothing to take vengeance on her in a cat-and-mouse game. “Cat and Mouse” was the theatrical title of this film as shown in Great Britain.

Production Companies Associated London Films, Universal Productions Canada. Director Daniel Petrie. Executive Producer Beryl Vertue. Producer Aida Young. Teleplay John Peacock. Photography Jack Hildyard. Music Ron Grainer. Editor John Trumper. Art Director Roy Stannard. Assistant Director David Tringham.

Cast Kirk Douglas (George Anderson), Jean Seberg (Laura Anderson), John Vernon (David Richardson), Bessie Love (Mrs. Richardson), Beth Porter (Sandra), Sam Wanamaker (Inspector), James Bradford (Private detective), Suzanne Lloyd (Nancy), Stuart Chandler (Simon), Valerie Colgan (Miss Wainwright), Mavis Villiers (Martha), Elliott Sullivan (Harry), Robert Sherman (Barman), James Berwick (Headmaster), Marge Alexis (Miss Carter), Robert Henderson (Attorney), Louis Negin (Couturier), Jennifer Watts (Party Guest), Tony Sibbald (Workman), Don Fellows (Foreman), Francis Napier (Engineer), Roy Stephens (Hotel receptionist), Elsa Pickthorne (Concierge).


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