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Mr. Horn

john rustler william laughoff

(CBS, 2/1/1979 and 2/3/1979, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). A sprawling two part Western saga based on the legend of frontier folk hero Tom Horn, his role in the trackdown of Geronimo in the 1880s with his mentor and pal Al Sieber, the fabled Indian scout, his later days as a Pinkerton detective, and the way he was used by both sides in turn of the century cattle wars, leading to his tragic death.

Production Company Lorimar Productions. Director Jack Starrett. Executive Producer Lee Rich. Producers Elliott Kastner, Robert L. Jacks. Teleplay William Goldman. Photography Jorge Stahl. Music Jerry Fielding. Editor Michael McCroskey. Art Director Agustine Ytuarte. Production Designer William Creber. Associate Producer (Mexico) Octavio Elias.

Cast David Carradine (Tom Horn), Richard Widmark (Al Sieber), Karen Black (Ernestina Crawford), Richard Masur (Sheriff Ed Smalley), Clay Tanner (Lt. Henry Lawton), Pat McCormick (John Noble), Jack Starrett (Gen. George Crook), John Durren (Marshal Joe LeFlors), Jeremy Slate (Capt. Emmet Crawford), Enrique Lucero (Geronimo), Stafford Morgan (Gen. Nelson Miles), Don Collier (Mr. Nickell), James Oliver (Mickey Free), George Reynolds (1st rustler), William Smith Jr. (2nd rustler), Ian McLean (Fat rustler), Regino Herrera (Nana), Noye Murayama (Dandy Jim), Romero Rameriz (Dead Shot), Alexis Jacks (Mandy Irwin), Marilyn Starr (Pretty saloon girl), Michael Tanner (Art Laughoff), Sunshine Parker (Vern Laughoff), Dan Vadis (Gene Laughoff), Seamon Glass (Skinny rustler), Lou Cutell (Small man), Blackie Dammett (Small rustler), Billy Murphy (Willie Nickell), Tiger Williams (Teenager), John Dayton (Man on the street), John Malloy (Judge), John Alderman (Attorney), Leon Fredericks (Livery man), James Steward (Court reporter), Jon Ian Jacobs (Deputy in jail).

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