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Murder by Natural Causes

richard levinson william link

(CBS, 2/17/1979, 120 mins). An elaborate mystery involving a famous mentalist, his unfaithful wife who is trying literally to scare him to death, the best friend of the family, and the wife’s ham actor lover not only an intriguing who (or whether) dunit but also a literate, adult dramatic puzzle (by Richard Levinson and William Link) with an endless series of twists.

Production Company Richard Levinson-William Link Productions. Director Robert Day. Executive Producers Richard Levinson, William Link. Producer Robert A. Papazian. Teleplay Richard Levinson, William Link. Photography Jack Swain. Music Dick DeBenedictis. Editor Frank Morriss. Art Director Richard Y. Haman. Associate Producer Pattee Roedig.

Cast Hal Holbrook (Arthur Sinclair), Katharine Ross (Allison Sinclair), Richard Anderson (George Brubaker), Barry Bostwick (Gil Weston), Bill Fiore (Marty Chambers), Phil Leeds (Eddie), Eve McVeagh (Helen Carrington), Jeff Donnell (Mrs. Mathews), Maida Severn (Garden party hostess), Lloyd McLinn (Director), Victoria Carroll (Television actress), Jessica Rains (Technician), Judith-Marie Bergan (Production assistant), Vivian Brown (Maid), Rosanna Huffman (Woman in play), Dany Marrou (Marta), Margery Nelson (Party guest).

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