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My Father's House

david lindholm tom philip

(ABC, 6/1/1975, 120 mins). A drama about a heart attack patient, a busy, highly paid executive, who reflects upon his happy childhood and the way he was brought up in a simpler age. Although playing father and son, Page 156  Robert Preston and Cliff Robertson, sharing star billing, never appear together in this film. Based on the Christopher Award-winning 1970 memoir by Philip Kunhardt Jr., former managing editor of Life magazine.

Production Companies Edward S. Feldman Company, Filmways. Director Alex Segal. Executive Producer Edward S. Feldman. Producer David Sontag. Teleplay David Seltzer, David Sontag. Based on a Book by Philip Kunhardt Jr. Photography David Walsh. Music Charles Fox. Editor Marion Rothman. Art Director George Renne.

Cast Cliff Robertson (Tom Lindholm Jr.), Robert Preston (Tom Lindholm Sr.), Eileen Brennan (Mrs. Lindholm Sr.), Rosemary Forsyth (Judith Lindholm), Ruth McDevitt (Anna), Michael-James Wixted (Tom Jr. as a Boy), Michael Cornelison (Steven), Brad Savage (Brad), Lark Geib (Susan), Gail Strickland (Paula), Carlene Olson (Ellen), Lil Greenwood (Nobel), Joseph Maher (Doctor), Clarke Gordon, Arthur Bernard, Dilart Heyson, Madgel Dean, Cris Capen, Laurie Main.

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