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My Husband Is Missing

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(NBC, 12/5/1978, 120 mins). A young wife journeys to North Vietnam in an effort to find her husband, an American flier reported missing in action, and is joined by a cynical Canadian correspondent on the trail of a human interest story. Original title: “The Reach of Love.”

Production Company Bob Banner Associates. Director Richard Michaels. Executive Producer Bob Banner. Producers Al Ramrus, John Herman Shaner. Teleplay Al Ramrus, John Herman Shaner. Photography Michael D. Margulies. Music Joseph Weiss. Editors Ann Mills, Richard C. Myers. Art Director Carl Anderson. Associate Producer Jacob Zilberg.

Cast Sally Struthers (Kathy Eaton), Tony Musante (Derek Mackenzie), James Hong (Quan Dong), Martin Beswick (Francesca Bellini), Sam Freed (Paul Eaton), Jeff David (Boisson), Nam Loc (Receptionist), Shizuko Hoshi (Vice Consul), Lien Dao (Peasant woman), Lan Tran (Widow), Tran Te (Old man), Tung-Giang (Tuc Dow), Samuel Scofield (Minn Tri), Phan Tan Thieu (Head man), Ngoc Phu (Jeep driver).

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