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(ABC, 4/17/1974, 90 mins). An American Indian deputy sheriff is caught in the middle of a community dispute when the tribe tries to save a historic mission from a housing developer. Robert Forster and Arthur Kennedy continued their roles in the short-lived series that followed (1974-75). Strong overtones of “Billy Jack” (1972) were spotted in both the telefeature and the later series.

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Leonard J. Horn. Executive Producer David Gerber. Producer Peter Katz. Teleplay Christopher Trumbo, Michael Butler, Sy Salkowitz. Based on a Story by Christopher Trumbo, Michael Butler. Photography Ric Waite. Music Leonard Rosenman. Editor Arthur D. Hilton, David Wages. Art Director Ross Bellah.

Cast Robert Forster (Nakia Parker), Arthur Kennedy (Sheriff Sam Jericho), Linda Evans (Samantha Lowell), George Clutesi (Naiche), Maria Elena Cordero (Diane Little Eagle), Joe Kapp (Deputy Hubbell), Taylor Lacher (Elliott), Stephen McNally (Alva Chambers), George Nader (McMasters), Christopher Stone (Otis), Barbara Sigel (Sally), Jed Horner Jr. (Half Cub), Helene Nelson (Sheila), Robert Donner (Fincher), Jay Varela (Indiana Johnny), Joe Renteria (Peter Two Bears).

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