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Nevada Smith

john hayes michael rackin

(NBC, 5/3/1975, 90 mins). The half-breed gunslinger and his former mentor introduced in the theatrical feature of the same title in 1966 and before that in 1964’s “The Carpetbaggers” join forces to escort a shipment of explosives across the Utah territory, in this pilot for an unrealized Western series, Cliff Potts and Lorne Greene had the roles played earlier by Steve McQueen and Brian Keith (in the namesake movie) and by Alan Ladd and Leif Erickson in “The Carpetbaggers.”

Production Companies Martin Rackin Productions, John Michael Hayes Productions, MGM Television. Director Gordon Douglas. Producers John Michael Hayes, Martin Rackin. Teleplay John Michael Hayes, Martin Rackin. Created by John Michael Hayes, Martin Rackin. Based on Characters Created by Harold Robbins. Photography Gabriel Torres. Music Lamont Dozier. Editor John C. Horger.

Cast Cliff Potts (Nevada Smith), Lorne Greene (Jonas Cord), Adam West (Frank Hartlee), Warren Vanders (Red Fickett), Jorge Luke (Two Moon), Jerry Gatlin (Brill), Eric Cord (Davey), John McKee (McLane), Roger Cudney (Perkins), Alan George (MacBaren), Lorraine Chanel (Belva).

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