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The New Adventures of Heidi

john pierre wyler kohan

(NBC, 12/13/1978, 120 mins). The long-familiar Heidi tale is given a contemporary setting as the young heroine leaves her familiar Swiss mountain for the bright lights of Manhattan and a musical background (10 original musical numbers by Buz Kohan).

Production Company Pierre Cossette Productions. Director Ralph Senensky. Executive Producer Pierre Cossette. Producer Charles B. FitzSimmons. Teleplay John McGreevey. Based on Characters Created by Johanna Spyri. Photography John M. Nicholaus. Music Buz Kohan. Editor Gene Fowler Jr. Production Designer Michael Baugh.

Cast Katy Kurtzman (Heidi), Burl Ives (Grandfather), John Gavin (Dan Wyler), Marlyn Mason (Mady), Sean Marshall (Peter), Sherrie Wills (Elizabeth Wyler), Alex Henteloff (Chef André), Charles Aidman (The Wild Man), Walter Brooke (Cousin Tobias), Amzie Strickland (Cousin Martha), Molly Dodd (Mother Gertrude), Adrienne Marden (Sister Agnes), Arlen Stuart (Hotel telephone operator), Barry Cahill (Hotel manager Krebs), Bartlett Robinson (Oscar the Butler), Fred Lerner (Jacob), Lola Mason (Birgitte), Buck Young (Jensen), Karl Ellis (Harold Sands), Kim Fowler (Marie).

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