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The New Maverick

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(ABC, 9/3/1978, 120 mins). Recycling the legendary comedy Western series (1957-62), this pilot for a prospective new run for Maverick has brothers Bret and Bart (James Garner and Jack Kelly re creating their original roles). They join forces with the eager but inexperienced son of their British cousin Beau (played in the earlier series by Roger Moore) in a free-wheeling adventure involving them with a female cardsharp, a corrupt judge, an ill-tempered gunrunner, a gang of train robbers, and a crafty farm girl. Charles Frank and Susan Blanchard returned when the new series premiered in the fall of 1979 as “Young Maverick.” (It was gone three months later.)

Production Companies Cherokee Productions, Warner Bros. Television. Director Hy Averback. Executive Producer Meta Rosenberg. Producer Robert Foster. Teleplay Juanita Bartlett. Photography Andrew Jackson. Music John Rubinstein. Theme song by David Buttolph. Editors Diane Adler, George S. Rohrs. Art Director John D. Jeffries.

Cast James Garner (Bret Maverick), Charles Frank (Ben Maverick), Jack Kelly (Bart Maverick), Susan Blanchard (Nell McGarahan), Eugene Roche (Judge Crupper), Susan Sullivan (Poker Alice), George Loros (Vinnie), Woodrow Parfrey (Leveque), Gary Allen (Dobie), Helen Page Camp (Flora Crupper), Jack Garner (Homer), Graham Jarvis (Lambert/undertaker).

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