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The New, Original Wonder Woman

charles norman steve trevor

(ABC, 11/7/1975, 90 mins). The popular comic books superwoman from the 1940s, the legendary Amazonian princess with the magic golden lasso, the invisible airplane and the bullet-deflecting bracelets, among other devices, performs incredible feats of skill and daring to save the life of handsome army air force pilot Steve Trevor, and then pits her supervisor powers against Nazi spies who will stop at nothing to eliminate her. This pilot for the 1975-78 series was the first of several subsequent films developed from popular comic book heroes (SpiderMan, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and others), and the series that followed was aired on an irregular basis on ABC during the first season (set in the 1940s) before moving over to CBS as a weekly show with a contemporary setting, in which Wonder Woman was allied with the son of the original Steve Trevor. Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner continued their characterizations.

Production Companies Douglas S. Cramer Productions, Warner Bros. Television. Director Leonard J. Horn. Producer Douglas S. Cramer. Teleplay Stanley Ralph Ross. Based on Characters Created by Charles Moulton. Photography Dennis Dalzell. Music Charles Fox. Theme song by Norman Gimbel, Charles Fox. Editor Carroll Sax. Art Director James G. Hulsey. Titles and Special Animation Phill Norman. Costume Designer Donfeld.

Cast Lynda Carter (Diana Prince), Lyle Waggoner (Maj. Steve Trevor), John Randolph (General Blankenship), Red Buttons (Ashley Norman), Cloris Leachman (Queen Hippolyte), Stella Stevens (Marcia), Eric Braeden (Kapitan Drangel), Severn Darden (Bad guy), Fannie Flagg (Amazon doctor), Henry Gibson (Nicholas), Kenneth Mars (Col. Von Balasko), Helen Verbit (Nurse), Fritzi Burr (Saleslady), Ian Wolfe (Bank manager), Tom Rosqui (2nd cop), Gregory Harrison (Army lieutenant), Anne Ramsay (Cab driver), Maida Severn (Teutonic woman).

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