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Night Chase

robert john collier producer

(CBS, 11/20/1970, 90 mins). A suspense tale of a wealthy businessman’s frantic flight from the scene of his wife’s shooting and his unexpected relationship with the hardened cab driver he hires to drive him to the Mexican border. Original title: “The Man in the Back Seat.”

Production Company Cinema Center 100. Director Jack Starrett. Executive Producer Nathaniel Lande. Producer Collier Young. Teleplay Marvin A. Gluck. Based on a Story by Collier Young. Photography Fred J. Koenekamp. Music Laurence Rosenthal. Editor Carroll Sax. Art Director Albert Heschong.

Cast David Janssen (Adrian Vico), Yaphet Kotto (Ernie Green), Victoria Vetri (Beverly Dorn), Elisha Cook (Proprietor), Joe DeSantis (Old fisherman), Richard Romanus (Young fisherman), Mel Berger (Jumbo), Karen Carlson (Vico’s wife), John Carter (Captain Walker), Laurie Main (Tout), Edward Faulkner (Patrolman), William Katt (Marine private), Dan Kemp, Sonora McKeller, Robert Rothwell, Stafford Morgan, Lorna Thayer, Robert Kino, Robert Wheeler, John Hall, Armando Diaz, John Steadman, Sam Nudell, Clay Tanner.

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