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Night Gallery

barry richard tom george

(NBC, 11/8/1969, 120 mins). This three-part drama anthology spawned the popular Rod Serling TV series (1971-73). In the first, directed by Boris Sagal, a young man who murders his uncle for his promised inheritance becomes possessed by a painting of the family cemetery (Ossie Davis, Roddy McDowall and George Macready star). In the second, instrumental in making an important director out of a young Steven Spielberg, a blind millionairess buys the eyes of an indebted gambler to see for 12 hours (starring Joan Crawford, Barry Sullivan and Tom Bosley). In the third, under Barry Shear, a fugitive Nazi is recognized by a concentration camp victim during a visit to a Buenos Aires art museum (featuring Richard Kiley and Sam Jaffe).

Production Company Universal Television. Directors Boris Sagal, Steven Spielberg, Barry Shear. Producer William Sackheim. Teleplay Rod Serling. Photography Richard Batcheller, William Margulies. Music Billy Goldenberg. Editor Edward M Abroms. Art Director Howard E. Johnson. Associate Producer John Badham. Costumes Burton Miller.

Cast Joan Crawford (Claudia Menlo), Ossie Davis (Osmond Portifoy), Richard Kiley (Joseph Strobe), Roddy McDowall (Jeremy), Barry Sullivan (Dr. Frank Heatherton), Tom Bosley (Resnick), George Macready (Hendricks), Sam Jaffe (Bleum), Norma Crane (Gretchen), Barry Atwater (Carson), George Murdock (1st agent), Byron Morrow (Packer), Garry Goodrow (Louis), Shannon Farnon (1st nurse), Richard Hale (Doctor), Tom Basham (Gibbons).

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