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Night Games

william howard milkis albert

(NBC, 3/16/1974, 90 mins). Unorthodox Harvard-educated lawyer, trying to carve out a practice in a small Arizona town with his young bride, defends a pretty socialite accused of murdering her husband in this pilot to the “Petrocelli” series (1974-76). Barry Newman originated the character in the theatrical feature “The Lawyer” (1970), and continued the role, along with Susan Howard and Albert Salmi, in the later series.

Production Companies Miller Milkis Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Don Taylor. Executive Producer E. Jack Neuman. Producers Edward K. Milkis, Thomas L. Miller. Teleplay E. Jack Neuman. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music Lalo Schifrin. Editor Donald R. Rode. Art Director William L. Campbell.

Cast Barry Newman (Tony Petrocelli), Susan Howard (Patsy Petrocelli), Albert Salmi (Pete Toley), Luke Askew (D.D. Franklin), Stefanie Powers (Pauline Hannigan), JoAnna Cameron (Thelma Lattimer), Anjanette Comer (Jenny Kenedisis), Jon Cypher (Dale Hannigan), Henry Darrow (DA Jaime Martinez), Ralph Meeker (Dutch Armbreck), William Prince (Clayton Nikell), Dennis Patrick (Judge Medford), Robert Emhardt (Judge Ambrose), William Hansen, William Hurst, Sherry Love, Larry Thor, Katey Sweatman, Ernst Neumann.

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