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The Night Rider

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(ABC, 5/11/1979, 90 mins). “The Mark of Zorro” was updated for this pilot for a prospective series that tells of a New Orleans gentleman (played by David Selby) who turns masked rider to fight for law and order and avenge his family’s killing by four men who wanted their silver mine.

Production Companies Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Universal Television. Director Hy Averback. Executive Producers Alex Beaton, Stephen J. Cannell. Producer J. Rickly Dumm. Supervising Producer William F. Phillips. Teleplay Stephen J. Cannell. Photography Steven Poster. Music Mike Post, Pete Carpenter. Editors Christopher Nelson, Dominick DiMascio. Art Director John D. Jeffries.

Cast David Selby (Lord Thomas Earl), Percy Rodrigues (Robert), Kim Cattrall (Regina Kenton), George Grizzard (Dan Kenton), Anthony Herrera (Tru Sheridan), Anna Lee (Lady Earl), Pernell Roberts (Alex Sheridan), Michael Sharrett (Chock Hollister/Young Thomas), Harris Yulin (Billy “Bowlegs” Baines), Hildy Brooks (Marie Hollister), Curt Lowens (Hans Klaus), Van Williams (Jim Hollister), Stuart Nisbet (Doc Ellis), Gary Allen (Donald White/hotel clerk), Sydney Penny (Melissa Hollister), Ed Knight (Paul Hairston), Maria Diane (Mrs. Klaus), Susan Davis (Deri Kenton), Hugh Gillin (Zack Bodine), Whit Bissell (Richards).

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