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The Night That Panicked America

radio actor paul wilson

(ABC, 10/31/1975, 120 mins). Drama recalling the widespread fright caused by the famous Halloween night 1938 radio broadcast, Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater adaptation of H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds” (meticulously re-created), which sent millions into the streets convinced that America was being invaded by Martians. Nicholas Meyer and Anthony Wilson won Emmy Award nominations for their original teleplay. Also cited were editors Bud S. Isaacs, Tony Radecki and George Jay Nicholson. This was another two-hour movie that subsequently was edited down to 90 minutes for its network rerun (in 1977) and syndicated showings.

Production Company Paramount Network Television. Director Joseph Sargent. Executive Producer Anthony Wilson. Producer Joseph Sargent. Teleplay Anthony Wilson, Nicholas Meyer. Based on a Story by Nicholas Meyer. From the radio play Invasion From Mars by Howard Koch. Photography Jules Brenner. Music Frank Comstock. Editors Bud S. Isaacs, George Jay Nicholson, Tony Radecki. Art Director Monty Elliott. Creative Consultant Paul Stewart.

Cast Paul Shenar (Orson Welles), Vic Morrow (Hank Muldoon), Cliff DeYoung (Stefan Grubowski), Michael Constantine (Jess Wingate), Walter McGinn (Paul Stewart), Eileen Brennan (Ann Muldoon), Meredith Baxter (Linda Davis), Tom Bosley (Norman Smith), Will Geer (Reverend Davis), John Ritter (Walter Wingate), Granville Van Dusen (Carl Philips), Burton Gilliam (Tex), Joshua Bryant (Howard Koch), Ron Rifkin (1st radio actor), Walker Edmiston (2nd radio actor), Casey Kasem (3rd radio actor), Marcus J. Grapes (4th radio actor), Liam Dunn (Charlie), Shelley Morrison (Toni/sound effects girl), Art Hannes (Announcer), Byron Webster (Harrison), Clarke Gordon (Matlock), Linda Dano (Secretary), Tracy Brooks Swope (Kelly), Hanna Hertelendy (Maid), Robert Lussier (Arnie), Ed Bakey (Vanderhoff).

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