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The Night They Took Miss Beautiful

lou lewis producer production

(NBC, 10/24/1977, 120 mins). A hijacking caper involving an airliner carrying not only five beauty contest finalists but also a dangerous laboratory mutation to be used for bacterial warfare.

Production Company Don Kirshner Productions. Director Robert Michael Lewis. Executive Producers Don Kirshner, Merrill Grant. Producer George Lefferts. Teleplay George Lefferts. Based on a Story by Lou La Rose. Photography Jules Brenner. Music Walter Murphy. Choreographer James Starbuck. Editors Les Green, Robert L. Swanson. Production Designer Steven P. Sardanis. Associate Producer John E. Quill.

Cast Gary Collins (Paul Fabiani), Chuck Connors (Mike O’Toole), Henry Gibson (Rolly Royce), Peter Haskell (Damon Faulkner), Karen Lamm (Cindy Lou Barrett), Sheree North (Layla Burden), Victoria Principal (Reba Bar Lev), Gregory Sierra (Omar Welk), Phil Silvers (Marv Barker), Stella Stevens (Kate Malloy), Rosanne Katon (April Garland), Jonathan Banks (Buck), William H. Bassett (Smitty), Marcia Lewis (Mrs. Barrett), Santos Morales (Hector), Burke Byrnes (Barney Jessup), Suzette Carroll (Toni McDuff), Lillian Muller (Lillie Schaefer), Phoebe Dorin (Gloria), Al Rossi (Duke), James Jeter (Lew), Bill Overton (Willie), Pat Corley (Roman), Paul Kent (Director).

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