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Nightmare in Badham County

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(ABC, 11/5/1976, 120 mins). Two college coeds find their vacation drive across the country turning into a nightmare when one is attacked by a small-town sheriff and both are then beaten, degraded and locked into a corrupt prison farm with no way to tell their parents or friends where they are.

Production Companies Douglas S. Cramer Productions, ABC Circle Films. Director John Llewellyn Moxey. Executive Producer Douglas S. Cramer. Producer Wilford Lloyd Baumes. Teleplay Jo Heims. Photography Frank Stanley. Music Charles Bernstein. Editor Carroll Sax. Production Designer Jan Scott. Associate Producer Herb Wallerstein.

Cast Deborah Raffin (Cathy Phillips), Lynne Moody (Diane Emery), Chuck Connors (Sheriff Dannen), Fionnuala Flanagan (Dulcie), Tina Louise (Greer), Robert Reed (Superintendent Deaner), Della Reese (Sarah), Lana Wood (Smitty), Ralph Bellamy (The Judge), Kim Wilson (Emiline), Leslie Albers (Waitress), Simpson Hemphill (Governor’s aide), Annette Henley (1st white inmate), Tom Keith (Gas station attendant), John Malloy (Mr. Phillips), Hal Thomas Phillips (Mayor), John Rober Jr. (Restaurant manager), Essex Smith (George), Tommie Stewart (Alma).

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