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No Place to Run

director kay white spelling

(ABC, 9/19/1972, 90 mins). When an adopted boy’s parents are killed and the authorities threaten to keep the boy’s ailing but loving grandfather from gaining custody, the pair run away together. John Badham, the film’s original director, left when the project was suspended because of Herschel Bernardi’s illness, and was replaced by Delbert Mann. Kay Medford also replaced Nancy Walker.

Production Companies Spelling Goldberg Productions, ABC Circle Films. Director Delbert Mann. Executive Producer Leonard Goldberg. Producers Aaron Spelling, Paul Witt. Teleplay James G. Hirsch. Photography Ralph B. Woolsey. Music George Aliceson Tipton. Song written and performed by Paul Williams. Editor Gene Milford. Art Director Bud Brooks. Associate Producer Tony Thomas.

Cast Herschel Bernardi (Hyam L. Malsh), Stefanie Powers (Bonnie Howard), Neville Brand (Remus), Tom Bosley (Dr. Sam Golinski), Scott Jacoby (Doug), Kay Medford (Landlady), Larry Hagman (Jay Fox), Robert Donner (Used car salesman), Wesley Lau (Bill Ryan), Woodrow Parfrey (Motel manager), Will J. White (Highway patrolman), Susan Sullivan (Girl on bus), Larry Watson (Cabbie), Curt Conway (1st old man), Peter Brocco (2nd old man), Frank White (Construction worker), Patrick Patterson (News dealer), Wesley E. Barry (Young helper).

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