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Nowhere to Hide

john edward anhalt faber

(NBC, 6/5/1977, 90 mins). Lee Van Cleef’s TV-movie debut was in this pilot for a prospective series called “Scanlon,” the name of a street-wise U.S. marshal assigned here to protect a former syndicate hit man who is testifying against his ex-boss.

Production Companies Mark Carliner Productions, Viacom. Director Jack Starrett. Executive Producer Mark Carliner. Producers Edward Anhalt, Rift Fournier. Teleplay Edward Anhalt. Based on a Story by Edward Anhalt, Rift Fournier. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Ray Ellis. Editor John C. Horger. Art Director Peter M. Wooley. Associate Producer Roberta Haynes.

Cast Lee Van Cleef (Ike Scanlon), Tony Musante (Joey Faber), Charles Knox Robinson (Deputy Ted Willoughby), Lelia Goldoni (Linda Faber), Noel Fournier (Frankie Faber), Russell Johnson (Charles Montague), Edward Anhalt (Alberto Amarici), John Randolph (Narrator), David Proval (Rick), Clay Tanner (Lee), John McLaughlin (Stan), Robert Hevelone (Giff), Richard Narita (Lou), Stafford Morgan (Ken), Blackie Dammett (John), Bud Davis (Rudy), Vince Di Paolo (Frederico), John Alderman (Vittorio), John Stefano (Pilot #1), Bill Yeager (Copilot), Jack Starrett (Gus), Brian Cutler (Gaynes), Isaac Ruiz (Hernandez), Rick Dano (Torn), Gene Massey (Coxswain), Araceli Rey (Mrs. Amarici), Huguette Pateraude (Deputy Rowan).

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