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The Norliss Tapes

dan curtis producer cort

(NBC, 2/21/1973, 90 mins). In Dan Curtis’ warmed over, more straightforward version of his “Night Stalker,” a pilot for a prospective new series, a humorless investigative reporter chasing down the supernatural stumbles onto the walking dead and finds himself in the clutches of a demon-spirit.

Production Companies Dan Curtis Productions, Metromedia Producers Corp. Director Dan Curtis. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer Dan Curtis. Teleplay William F Nolan. Based on a Story by Fred Mustard Stewart. Photography Ben Colman. Music Bob Cobert. Editor John F. Link. Art Director Trevor Williams. Associate Producer Robert L. Singer.

Cast Roy Thinnes (David Norliss), Angie Dickinson (Ellen Sterns Cort), Claude Akins (Sheriff Tom Hartley), Michele Carey (Marsha Sterns), Vonetta McGee (Mme. Jechiel), Hurd Hatfield (Charles Langdon), Don Porter (Sanford Evans), Robert Mandan (George Rosen), Nick Dimitri (James Cort), Bob Schott (The Demon), Bryan O’Byrne (Sanders), Edmund Gilbert (Sid Phelps), Stanley Adams (Trucker), George DiCenzo (Deceased husband), Jane Dulo (Sara Dobkins).

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