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Nowhere to Run

charles based john byrnes

(NBC, 1/16/1978, 120 mins). A disgruntled husband devises a winning blackjack system as part of an elaborate scheme to leave his overbearing, unfaithful wife and start a new life, despite the fact that she has hired an inept, down-at-the-heels private detective to keep an eye on him. Based on Charles Einstein’s 1976 book “The Blackjack Hijack.”

Production Company MTM Entertainment. Director Richard Lang. Producer Jim Byrnes. Teleplay Jim Byrnes. Based on a Novel by Charles Einstein. Photography Charles G Arnold. Music Jerrold Immel. Editor Gary Griffen. Art Director Albert Heschong. Associate Producer Les Sheldon.

Cast David Janssen (Harry Adams), Stefanie Powers (Marian Adams), Allen Garfield (Herbie Stoltz), Linda Evans (Amy Kessler), Neva Patterson (Marian’s Mother), John Randolph (Marian’s Father), Anthony Eisley (Joe Anasto), James Keach (McEnerney), Ahna Capri (Charleen), Lance LeGault (Kaufman), Lionel Decker (Christos), Charles Siebert (Spence), Richard McKenzie (Dr. Steinberg), Kenneth Tobey (Mohr), John Finnegan (O’Neil), Antony Alda (Neft), Ivy Bethune (Mrs. Schneider), Marilyn Coleman (Maid), Paul Tulley (Oliver).

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