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Once Upon a Dead Man

john producer james leonard

(NBC, 9/17/1971, 120 mins). A San Francisco police commissioner is dragged into a charity auction theft and a mysterious murder by his kooky wife. Rock Hudson made his TV acting debut in this pilot to his hit “McMillan and Wife” series (1971-77). Susan Saint James and John Schuck were the other holdovers from the pilot.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Leonard B Stern. Executive Producer Leonard B Stern. Producer Paul Mason. Teleplay Chester Krumholz, Leonard B. Stern. Photography Stanley M. Lazan. Music Jerry Fielding. Editor Michael Economou. Art Director John J. Lloyd. Associate Producer Ted Rich.

Cast Rock Hudson (Commissioner Stewart McMillan), Susan Saint James (Sally McMillan), Jack Albertson (Chief Andy Yeakel), René Auberjonois (Andre Stryker), Kurt Kasznar (Edmond Corday), Jonathan Harris (Mr. Wortzel), Herbert Edelman (Gregory Constantine), John Schuck (Sergeant Enright), James Wainwright (John Patterson), Lilyan Chauvin (Mme. Jatnal), Frank Orsatti (Dewhawk), Stacy Keach Sr. (Dr. Hinton), Linda Watkins (Emily Hull), Gerald Hiken (Etienne Jacoby), Jerry Harper (George), Gretchen Kanne (Ann).

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